Sale City Youth

Sale City Youth is an energetic, fun and inspiring program for high school aged students


We provide both our Friday night program and small focus groups  each fortnight


It is our aim to help the next generation live above the status quo


We believe in equipping young people to become the leaders of the future


Corey & Libby

Corey & Elizabeth Seibel

Our Youth Leaders are the vibrant and energetic Corey and Libby.


Their passion is to inspire young people to realise their full potential. They strongly believe that faith is a key ingredient in life and the reality that God desires a relationship with each individual provides young people with stability and a purpose for their life.


Corey works as a school chaplain and Libby is a doctor, they are currently expecting their first child. 


june, 2019

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Like to get in touch?

Contact Corey: 0411 076 500