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Local churches and training base

Ps Brian & Ps Lynne

Brian & Lynne Heath


The senior leaders of City Builders Gippsland, Ps Brian and Lynne Heath are amongst the region’s longest standing pastors.


They carry the apostolic grace to build strong churches and to teach, train, impart and prepare the church for its greatest days. They believe that the Emerging Church will not only carry the grace to win souls, but to impact and influence every domain of society.


Ps Brian and Lynne are working towards creating a co-operative environment between Pastors and leaders within Gippsland to see the Kingdom of God advanced and the region changed.

Reaching people and reconnecting them with purpose.

Julian & Heidi copy

Julian & Heidi McIvor


Julian and Heidi McIvor are Pastors at City Builders Church, Sale. They lead a passionate team of people who live to reach, reconnect, restore and rebuild our community through genuine, dynamic Christianity.


Julian and Heidi believe so strongly in the potential of this vision because they have lived it personally. They both came to the church 22 years ago on a journey of healing and found restoration and freedom through a relationship with Jesus.


Now they lead others on this same journey, raising City Builders who carry this same message of hope to our community.

Reaching out to see the message of Christ impact their community.

simon and marie

Simon & Marie-Claire Fink


Simon & Marie-Claire Fink are the Pastors at City Builders Church, Moe. They have a passion to see Moe and Gippsland restored and rebuilt by the transformative power of Jesus Christ.


They long to see individual lives, marriages and families built according to God’s blueprint to see them fulfil their God-given destiny.


They are passionate parents to their three children, while Simon also works as a School Chaplain.

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